Prosperity Theology

This post is basically my thoughts after reading SP How’s blog about his answer to Prosperity theology.

You should check it out before reading this, the link is right below:

There was two weekends that SP How preached about Financial Excellence, and I left both services mindset lifted up to a new higher level of thinking.

There are 3 mindsets about finances:

  1. Poverty
  2. Practical
  3. Prosperity

Being rich was one of my aspirations long ago, to have mega huge houses, to drive branded sports car. I mean who wouldn’t like that feeling? Or having just enough for me, myself and my family, making sure me and my kids needs were fulfilled, that’s the practical mindset. But God is a God of prosperity and abundance, He wants us to be generous and helping others.

Being rich is not wrong, our prosperity can influence. We become affluence to influence. People with successes in their life, will naturally have more impact in their speeches. Success acts as a amplifier. However, I felt that status symbols are unnecessary, just live life simply and be contented.

Contentment is learned. Contented whether having plenty or little. Because there is no end to getting more and more.

Contentment is learned by subtraction not addition.  In other words, we are content not by adding more ‘things’ but by subtracting appetites.
True wealth is measured by what money cannot buy and what death cannot take away. 

Contentment is also living out of simplicity. Truthfully, this is one area that I’ve been lacking in. I’m a girl, and girls typically have many wants in their life. Wanting the latest clothe trends, getting luscious hairs, and especially for me, having many many shoes. Shoes are my obsession, when looking at other people’s outfit, the first thing I notice is their “kicks”. However, being rich is not about how much you have, but is about how little you need. I need lower my shoe appetite.

I’m just amazed by my pastors that even though they had a reputable and successful business, the money that they earned was spend more on others. I would hear many stories from leaders either face to face or through the social media, of how pastors despite not receiving salary, still brought the younger generation kids to play arcade, blessing students who had financial difficulties and bringing people to eat at a high end restaurant for their first time. Also, pastors could now easily move into a bigger house or a nicer neighborhood, or drive a higher class car but they choose to live humbly and simply. They are currently living in one of the cheapest neighborhood in woodlands which is so far away from paya lebar and driving a humble Honda car that they have not changed for years.

Contentment. Simplicity. Generosity. This sums up to prosperity.

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