All Glory to God.

Hi my name is Grace Lee and right now I am going 16 in 21 days.

Honestly, I felt the real growth that occurred in my life started during last year. Growth in terms of my character, maturity but more importantly in my own walk with God. In the past, I was the kind of person who would place security on places that I thought would give me true joy. Places like my appearance, my popularity, my humorous level, and blah blah blah. I had super low self-esteem. I still have thoughts about inferiority but now I can say boldly that I’m growing out of it because I have God in my life.

For those of you who do not know the me in the past, I’m seriously a super duper insecure person. If there’s this one day that this friend receive extra more attention from my other friends in the clique, I will be unhappy or simply “不爽” in chinese. When I get back home afterwards, I remembered I prayed to God for more attention to be diverted to me the next day. Legit, I would request to God for such self-centered and dumb favors.

Today, I place my confidence and security on my one true unwavering Father in heaven. I just need people to love me for who I am. And I no longer have feelings of constantly wanting to be in the spotlight. In Heart of God Church, there are no stars, there are only team players. No personal glory, but a collective glory, and then all glory to God!

Until next time when I have the extra time to type, cause first paper of O level is in 3 days!

Gonna do good and do well!


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