I hate vomiting

I think many students can feel with me on this. Sometimes when you are perfectly healthy, you wished you were sick. You want to skip school and escape those responsibilities. Hoping that you don’t have to rush homework last minute at night, and that probably you could earn one more day to finish them.

Then when you really got sick, you realised that you are actually much better off in school, being only needed to suffer tutorials or lectures.

This is my story of vomiting for the past two days:

Firstly, it was just mere dizziness. A few moments later, nauseousness came in too. Most likely it was because I have not vomited for a long long time, I forgot the signs and symptoms that will led to it. I felt something was boiling to come out from within, but I brushed that feeling away. Drank some hot salt water and went to bathe.

The nauseousness however came back stronger and I can’t even hold my feet. I was so weak, I sat on the bathroom tiles. BLARGHHHHHHHHHHHH! I vomited. A whole chunk of Mac & cheese that I ate in the evening, 5 hours before this happened. The disgusting thing was that it looked and felt undigested. Don’t even talk about the smell, one word, awful.

Round two came just when I thought everything was finally over, while I was preparing to go to bed. Least did I expect, many rounds followed afterwards too. It was so bad that even when I drank water, I became a Merlion. Even when I ate nothing, yellow hydro-chloric acid came out. This lasted till the next afternoon.

Luckily at last I did not vomited out my medicine, if not I would need injections, which is a NO NO. Few lessons I learned from this is that always carry a plastic bag with you if you feel nauseous, aim for the toilet bowl only, and watch what you eat.tumblr_mhtkhhocl21rad0qqo1_500


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