I remind myself of all that You’ve done

Maybe sometimes I just need to keep remind myself because I keep forgetting.
Forgetting about His goodness, His daily mercies, His promises, His presence.
God is good, all the time. ALL.

God, thank you for “healing” my phone, finding my laptop charger, answering my prayers, providing me sales, comforting me in my saddest. And Jesus dying for me… The list is endless because I can’t remember everything God have done for me, or list the things we Singaporeans should be grateful for.

Set apart from the ways of the world, I will be Father. Like how oil never mix with water, I am in the world and not of it.

I want to be more like You, You never forgets, Your promises never fades. Christ likeness, ultimately is why I want to be a leader in the first place. I will not see it as to be recognized, nor will I forsake this destiny.

THINK Grace THINK. How would Jesus do with His time, or a Christlike person spends his time? An higher thought, greater deeds. I chase after the Heart of God, I am driven to walk in my destiny to witness the great calling I have coming to pass.


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